Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Brain-Clogging Thoughts

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Sorry for the paucity of posts lately. I have been either busy chasing Pumpkin, sitting here with no idea what to write about, or continually vetoing my own ideas or deciding I just don't have enough to say about them. So, in order to clear my head of these semi-ideas, and to actually get a blog entry (hee - I wrote "clog" first... maybe 'cuz my brain's clogged?) I'm going to just share some random thoughts.

My MIL called yesterday. I was worried at first because nobody Stateside ever calls us during the week, but here's what she had to say, "The Democrats won; you can come home now!"

My do-it-yourself husband, who has brewed his own beer, made mulberry mead from mulberries we picked in our local cemetary back home, and even made his own maple syrup from our box elder trees, has decided to try to make sourdough bread. Which is a great idea. Unfortunately, his first attempt at starter turned pink (a bad sign - throw it out according to the book) and smelled like milk vomit. Not nice little baby spit up either, but upchuck o' cow juice. Even with the plastic wrap over the bowl. It was nasty. (And then when he dumped it down the laundry room sink 'cuz I wouldn't let him dump that noxious, funky stuff in the kitchen for fear of stinking us all out, he accidentally knocked one of my drying bras into it. EWWWWW!!!)

Is it possible to become addicted to a TV show? 'Cuz I've been watching CSI:Wherever whenever any version has been on. Mr. Kluges has started calling himself a CSI widower.

Speaking of TV shows, I love that my husband is in IT 'cuz it means he knows a guy who knows a guy who... well, anyway, let' s just say we usually end up with the latest "Lost" the day after it's been shown in the US... and they just played the first episode of this season on regular TV this past Tuesday.

It was a beautiful sunny day today. While walking to the grocery store (which Pumpkin and I do 3-4 times each week), we nodded hello to a guy we have a nodding acquaintance with. (That means we have no idea of his name or anything, but we see him often enough on our walk that it would be rude to ignore each other. We have gotten quite a number of people on this list over the past year.) As in MN, we both commented on the lovely day. I said it was great to see the sun shining again. He said, "Oh yes, it's a massive day!"

So, here's hoping it's a "massive day" wherever you are! Cheers!


Allknowingjen said...

Isn't the self editing the worst? I know exactly what you mean. I LOL at your MIL's phone call! :)
Good luck with the scary sour dough experiments. I bet once he gets it down it will be delicious!

Mary P. said...

I have a friend (a Democrat) visiting from the States, and the day after the elections she got an email from a friend: "You can come home now. The Republican occupation of America is now over."

(Her friend, as it happens, is Republican, but apparently one with a sense of humour.)