Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Developmental Milestones... to fear

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All parents know there are developmental milestones to which you look forward... while simultaneously dreading. You know, like when they start crawling and you have to actually do the babyproofing that you had intended to do since you brought the tyke home. Or when they JUST start trying to walk, and you realize that your house has way more sharp edges than you ever realized, and that the little one is now going to be able to get into a LOT more trouble. Or even when they finally get enough fine motor skill to be able to put stuff (and by stuff I do mean anything that happens to be inedible and/or on the floor) into their drooly little mouths.

Well, we've reached one of those milestones in development of which I wasn't even aware. Today, for the first time, Pumpkin, little problem-solver that she is, started pulling a chair from one room to another to try to get stuff I'd put up on a window sill out of her reach. Yup, she figured out her solution and was putting it in action. Granted, the chair's rather bigger than she is, and it would have taken her a while, but she's a determined little thing and would have managed to get it there, of that I have no doubt.

*sigh* Sometimes these "advances" in physical ability or mental prowess leave something to be desired, in terms of the parents having to figure out how to keep up!


Syl Wylvia said...

Oh crap.

Mary P. said...

One day I entered the kitchen to discover my son, then about Pumpkin's age, standing ON the kitchen counter! How did he get there? Well, the stack of four drawers at one end of the cupboards was pulled out incrementally, so that they formed a series of steps. Oh crap, for sure!!