Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yet another baking story

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I know I've written about baking with Pumpkin before. In fact, I've written about it a few times. But I think it's such a great experience for her, plus we end up with yummy bread, plus the photos can be so funny (to me anyway), that I'm going to do it again.

Now, I could share a photo like the one on the right to let you see just how "into" the process she gets - and how into the flour - but I think the next two really make it clear...

Yup, flour from head to toe.

We had a great time baking as always, but then poor Pumpkin suddenly got very tired.
Which led to this...

And, as you might have expected, this...

And I thought I was the one getting gray hair around here!

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Mary P. said...

Yup. She's 'into' the baking, all right!