Friday, November 03, 2006

A List of Things To Try...

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...when your small, tired child is driving tired you insane.

  • Try to get child to take nap.
  • Turn on the tv to kids' shows for a break. Oh wait, this is another week when every school in the nation is on midterm break, so they change the programming on the only station (1 of 4 since no cable) that has preschool shows during the day so there's crap on.
  • Try to get child to take nap.
  • Feed child "noodles! noodles!" and then try to get her to take nap again.
  • Ignore yelling, crying from her room and visualize wonderful vacation...
  • let child out of crib to sit on potty
  • fail at today's goal of one treat per day - I need chocolate, damn it!
  • get on internet and do two-windows-open surfing - one with Elmo, other with news, bloglines, Tomato Nation, etc.
  • Read books (again), give snack, give water, change diaper, and put down for nap (again).
And finally... peace and quiet. Dang I hate the days when she's acting "terribly two!" They are LONG before we even hit noon. *sigh*


Syl said...

Our big issue is from about 3:30 to 5ish. Much crying, whining, and pulling at defenseless sisters. Hope tomorrow is better.

kittenpie said...

ugh, yes, those days. I refer to them by the hopeful label "toddler days" to remind myself that there should be an end in sight and it's a natural part of her age.