Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaBloPo Mo #14 - Bits and Pieces

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Ok, first of all, in case you were wondering, Pumpkin did just fine with her first sleep-over. No calls, no need to pick her up in the night. They were up WAY late, and woke up way early, so she was a tish out of sorts all day, but her mood wasn't as bad as I'd feared. We'll see how much of lack of sleep carries into the week, but all in all, it looks like a nice successful first sleep-over!

Yesterday, Penguin figured out how to skip. Whenever she used to try, she'd just gallop. Now she can skip. Granted, she's a little solid on her landings, so it's not a light & graceful skipping yet, more a pounding, sort-of-hopping pace, but still, it's a step-hop-step-hop actual skip!

After many weeks, we've gotten our front door back. Mr. Kluges sent it out to be refinished. Turns out there was more work involved than it had seemed at the beginning. (Are you surprised? Not me.) Sure, it was the reason I talked Mr. Kluges into letting me get two of these benches for the back hallway, so that helped contain all the shoes and such, with which I'm well pleased, but it's really, really nice to have it back. I didn't let him put the storm window on the last dining room window so that I could open it to holler out at the girls, or receive packages from the mailman, or even climb in or out a time or two. The door is much more convenient. :)

For my advanced belly dance class, we're doing a sword dance this year. There's a solo part, which actually doesn't have as much tricky sword technique as the other parts, but it requires more DRAH-ma, and throwing oneself into the part. I got it. I mean, I wanted it, because I've been having no trouble with the technique for the parts we've learned so far, having done a bit of swordwork for several years now, while everybody else is beginning at it. I need to work on being more expressive, etc., so it's my growth area anyway. Still, I'm a bit nervous already.

Ok, I need to go and run tonight, so I'm off. Hope all you Minnesotan are doing ok shoveling yourselves out!


pippasmum said...

How old is Penguin? Pk needs to learn how to skip for her highland dance class and I despairing that she will ever master it. Everything else seems fairly easy so far but that is defeating us!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Pippasmum - Penguin is 3 1/2 as of November 1st. I don't remember when Pumpkin (age 6) figured it out, but I'm pretty sure it was a bit later than this. It's funny to watch because you can tell she has to THINK about it and will sometimes start off galloping, then change pace after a couple of steps or else she'll sort of double-hop rather than step-hop... but it's there, it really is now. She gets it. It's fun to actually get to see a developmental advance like that and pinpoint exactly when it happened!

Helen said...

I think I prefer the hard landings when they first learn how to skip!

I love the benches, we've been thinking of trying to get something similar and since we can't afford the great antique bench I want, this will do fine until we become independently wealthy!