Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaBloPoMo #13 - Another first

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My eldest child, my 6 year old, is at her first sleep-over party tonight.

It's only a few blocks away, and it's her best little friend from her first year of school, plus a couple other girls in their grade. We've done playdates & the parents seem really nice.

But it feels so weird to not have her here. Other than the one wedding Mr. Kluges and I attended this past summer, when we stayed overnight at a hotel, and the girls stayed with my parents, he or I has always been there at night.

She was so excited to go! She and I, just the two of us, ran out today to get the birthday girl's present and to buy a sleeping bag. (Big stuff, that new sleeping bag! I think we might be getting one for Penguin for Xmas 'cuz she thinks it's pretty awesome, too.)

We talked about how it would go, what she could expect, what to do if she had to go to the bathroom in the night, what if she didn't like what was for supper, if they watched a movie she thought was scary (she's got such an imagination that she gets so scared by some of those kid movies - she won't watch Little Mermaid 'cuz of Ursula or Cinderella 'cuz of the mean stepmother).

She's got her new sleeping bag and her familiar pillow. Most importantly, she's got her special blankie and her current favorite stuffed doll. (Big thanks to Grandpa Pharaoh and Grandma Pet for mailing them back to us after Pumpkin left them in your car last weekend!) She's got a book and a flashlight that can glow.

She'll be fine.

And if she's not, they'll call and she'll come back home, and that'll be fine, too.

But there it goes again - another little new thing, a first-time thing, a growing-up thing...

...when did she get so big?

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Helen said...

Oh no...she'll be driving next! In reality, I hope all went well and she lasted the night. First sleepovers are such a big deal.