Monday, November 08, 2010

NaBloPoMo #8 - Changing seasons, changing sheets

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As you all probably know by now, we don't have air conditioning. Old house + radiator heat = no ductwork to run air through. Now we COULD do window units for the bedrooms, but it's not been so bad in the three (is it 3 already?!) summers we've lived here that we're willing to do so.

Also, as you know if you read my husband's blog, House of 42 Doors, we've not really got any insulation. Which means heating this behemoth is a bit pricey. So we tend to have the thermometer set pretty cool in the winter, and even cooler at night. Which means we pile on the blankets.

As I changed the sheets last Thursday*, I got to be thinking about how much our bedding has to change to reflect the seasons.

First you've got summer, which is regular sheets with the lightest weight bedspreads, plus a folded up fleece- or other light-weight blanket at the foot.

It gets a little colder & the bedspreads get swapped out for comforters, or the duvet cover gets the duvet put back in.

Currently, the regular sheets have been switched out for flannel. Yay, flannel! Also, that folded-up blanket is usually spread on the bed now, too.

Later, we'll add an extra duvet/comforter on to each bed. Yay for layers & also for goose down!

And on really cold nights, we microwave our bed buddies or the girls' "warm bear" and "warm lamb" to take the first chill-off.

Yeah, not everybody's lucky enough to live in a house where you so completely have to change out your bedding for each season! :)

*I know it was Thursdays 'cuz I always change the sheets on Thursday. That way my brain doesn't have to remember when I last changed the sheets, 'cuz it's always the same. *grin*


Helen said...

I love flannel sheets and mine have made their first appearance of the season. The cats love it when I put the flannel sheets on! I have also started warming the bed, to take the chill off, with a heating pad and supplementing with a cat once they deign to join me.

pippasmum said...

I am tired tonight and a bit blue and this post reminds me of how wonderful it is to curl up in a bed with lots of cosy covers in a cool room. That's my favourite way to sleep - it's almost a kind of hibernation. Thanks for sharing your cozy seasonal changes!