Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaBloPoMo #20 - Sweaters and shirts and shorts, oh my!

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My brain is currently fried after spending the entire morning sorting through bins and totes and boxes and drawers and shelves and garbage bags of clothing. We are very lucky to have two different neighbors who hand-me-down their daughters' clothes to us. An embarrassment of riches, actually. Sure, I need to buy specific colors/sizes/underwear/special events stuff sometimes, but, between hand-me-downs and lovely gifts from relatives, all in all, I go clothes shopping for the girls very rarely.

Anyway, one neighbor had just dropped off 3 garbage bags of stuff last weekend, which needed sorting through for now stuff, summer stuff, not-suitable-for-us stuff, and too-big stuff. Plus I had two big totes of "was too big last fall" stuff to sort through. AND I knew some of Pumpkin's stuff was getting a little short/small. In addition, the two boxes in her room where I put too-small-for-her-but-too-big-for-Penguin clothing as we discover it doesn't fit were overflowing.

So, hours and hours later, I've got all of the too big totes sorted out and put away or put back, the 3 garbage bags sorted, Pumpkin's closet resized and retidied and slightly rearranged, the in-between sized clothing sorted and boxed or put away, and a laundry basket of should-fit-now clothes ready to be put away in Penguin's room. Also, I've got a nice, healthy sense of "Yay, that job's done!", which happens so rarely since most of my tasks (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.) are so very on-going and never-ending. :)

But before I put away those clothes into Penguin's room, I'm first going to need to pull out all the a-little-too-small stuff so there's room for the new stuff, but that's gonna be happening a different day.

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Mugsy said...

ha. this is a chore on my list for today too. Of course, my problem is that Beeb needs to thin out his t-shirt collection and we need to put away the clothes that are too big and too small for Z. Currently our bedroom looks like an episode of hoarders...