Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo #11 - Future Aspirations

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Penguin loves to help us cook. Stirring, measuring (well, pouring in what we've measured), scooping - it's all fun and good. I remember how much Pumpkin loved to help me make bread when we were in Ireland & Penguin loves baking just as much.

Today we opted to make some cookies.

Me: Ok, now it's time to add the eggs.

Penguin: We need two eggs, right, Mommy?

M: We do use two eggs for our chocolate chip cookies, don't we? But is a recipe for different cookies and it needs 4 eggs.

(slightly later)

Me: Ok, time for the vanilla. We need two teaspoons of vanilla. (measuring & adding them)

Penguin: Oh! We usually need just 1 banilla for cookies.

M: That's right. Boy, you really know a lot about cooking already. Maybe you'll be a chef or a baker when you grow up.

P: Yeah, I'm donna be a cooker when I growed up!


Helen said...

Now just save this post so you can show her in 18 years when she is trying to decide what to do with her life :)

Mugsy said... cute. And helpful too. Hmm. I wonder if we need to get Z in training yet?