Thursday, November 04, 2010

NaBloPoMo #4 - In which I run a 5K, again.

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WAY back in January, I resolved to run a 5K this year. Several of my friends & some family members have run 5Ks and/or 10Ks and/or half-marathons and/or marathons (scary impressive, those ones!). I figured, "hey, exercise for exercise's sake can get boring, so maybe if I've got a goal - a published goal, at that - AND a deadlines (my town's annual festival's 5K), well, then I'll do it!"

And so I did. See! Many thanks to the insight & support & encouragement from y'all, btw with that! Also, yay for the Couch-to-5K program!

Then, as I kind of expected I would, I started slacking off. I was running usually twice a week still, but not three times like I had been. Sure, with dance class (oh yeah, remind me to tell you about my extra class!) I was still getting in three good sessions of exercise a week, but I had been doing more.

Solution? Another 5K. I wasn't willing to preregister way in advance though - I'd done my 2010-resolved 5K already, so I wanted to see what the weather would hold before I committed.

But that bright, sunny, chilly Saturday morning, October 30th, found me up early and on the starting line (ok, back in the middle of the pack that is) for the local Y's annual 5K.

Looking like this... except with more people & pavement and fewer leaves.

Yes, there is a jingly coin scarf under that racing number. Also, leggings! A big shout out to Nectarine for the headband - I HATE having my hair in my face when I ran, so her stretchy sparkly headband worked GREAT for functionality & prettiness. :)

Hey, I figured anything I could do to make it more fun was good. Sure, I didn't win (the race OR the costume contest - somebody came as a box of popcorn, with white bath puffs as the giant popcorns attached to her painted cardboard box costume... but I dunno if she actually ran in hers) but I had fun...

...and I beat my old time by more than a minute! Go, me!

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