Friday, November 05, 2010

NaBloPoMo #5 - 12 Good Things

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I've been being annoyed by small things today. I'd rather not be, therefore, let's focus on the positive!

A Dozen Things Which Have Gladdened Me Today
  1. The new small gourmet grocer guy in the city center where Penguin has class on Friday. I bought some lovely gouda, applewood-smoked bleu cheese, and Carr Valley Mobay today. Yum!
  2. The excellent salad bar at our local Festival Foods - it made lunch easy.
  3. The way Penguin says, "hossibility" instead of "hospital." It's such a funny word match-up/mix-up.
  4. (Finally) cleaning out the vegetable drawers of the frig. And it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.
  5. My parents are coming for the weekend...
  6. ...which means Date Night!
  7. The (not always intentionally) funny things Pumpkin tells us about her days as a 1st grader.
  8. Yummy, readily available craft beers, like the New Glarus and New Belgium ones I picked up today.
  9. That my husband will & does help around the house as more than just a handyman.
  10. The fact that I had already-made homemade noodles in the freezer for my off-the-cuff homemade chicken noodle soup (see also, cleaning out the frig! *grin*)
  11. Penguin took a late nap today, which means she can stay up late enough to see her grandparents when they arrive.
  12. Tomorrow is Mr. Kluges's book sale for work! And even though it's his turn to go, since my folks are here & can watch the girls, I can go, too!
Ok, I feel better now, my NaBloPoMo post is done, and I'm off to continue doing a bit of tidying up!

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