Saturday, November 06, 2010

NaBloPoMo #6 - Delicious Dreams....

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No, not Nathan, though that woulda been nice...



Oh, right, back on topic!

As I mentioned yesterday, because my folks are here, Mr. Kluges and I got to both go to his work's twice annual book sale. Good fun, we need more bookcases, and a little bit of Christmas shopping got done.

On our way home we passed this shop.

And you know, it's important to support your local merchant... especially when they sell delicious chocolate!

After we chose (a lot of) chocolates (What? We needed to get three of everything so that each of the six of us could try each one!), we saw an intriguing new product they have/do.

YUM!!!! There's a huge list of possible mix-ins - crunchy things like pretzels & rice crispies, dried fruits like craisins, apricots, & goji berries, seeds & nuts like pistachios & cashews, sweets like sprinkles, marshmallows & pop rocks (?!) & spices like cinnamon or coffee.

Sure, they've got a list of recipe ideas like toffee, almond & sea salt (the almond toffee), rice crispies & marshmallow (rice crispy treat), cayenne pepper & vietnamese cinnamon (slow burn), and macadamia, pineapple & toasted coconut (toasted Hawaiian).

And double-super-cool? They make them up right there in front of you while you watch! We're totally going back with the girls to do this someday!

But I want to know - what do YOU think would make a good combination? See here if you want to know what they've got available or let me know what your imagination comes up with!

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