Friday, November 26, 2010

NaBloPoMo #26 - Busy busy busy!

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Whoa! I almost forgot about NaBloPoMo today! Busy busy all day with house & kids & Christmas stuff. Today I managed to
  • Take down all fall/Thanksgiving decorations on walls, windows, etc. & pack them up, along with the fall/Halloween books.
  • Brought tote of above fall stuff down to basement & put it away. :)
  • Mr. Kluges & I rearranged the living room 'cuz he felt like it & I was willing. :) We'll see if we like it enough to keep it - it's a little tighter, but the couch doesn't block the radiator anymore. Maybe we'll end up with different winter/summer arrangements.
  • Got Mr. Kluges to sit down & talk Xmas lists with me - what we're getting the girls, some ideas for what we might get for other people, ideas to share with our families for stuff we might like, etc. Not his favorite thing to do, but now it's done for this holiday season! :)
  • Got Mr. Kluges to look at the Xmas card possibilities I had done up on Shutterfly & we chose one & I ordered it straight away.
  • Did normal boring stuff like putting away a load of laundry, running some more, doing weekly change of sheets, normal meals/dishes, etc.
  • Worked with girls to (almost) finish their new weekly charts, which will be used to help them keep their rooms a bit tidier & for allowance!
  • Went through 2 totes of winter outerwear - granted, coats & snowpants are bulky, so there wasn't that much, but did have to have girls try on some stuff & do some sorting.
So, now I've just got to call my youngest brother & wish him a Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday, Uncle TP!), fold a load of laundry, & (if I'm good) do a half hour of exercise. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday & a relaxing (and/or productive!) day today!

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