Monday, November 29, 2010

NaBloPoMo #29 - Almost... there...

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Yay for Day #29! I'm almost done with NaBloPoMo for the... let me check the sidebar... 4th year in a row! Sure, I can't say I've said much of consequence, but I did say it every day (so far).

I'm also almost there in terms of my Christmas shopping, too. Mr. Kluges had a day of time in lieu from outages on the weekends, so he took it today. He does not enjoy Christmas shopping at all, so every year I do (most of) it. I don't mind too much, as long as he helps me come up with at least some ideas, especially for his side of the family. I figure it's a good swap, 'cuz he usually ends up doing the taxes every year. :)

So today, with Pumpkin in school, and Penguin & Mr. Kluges spending the day together, I took my list and away I went. I spent all day running here & there, but gosh darn it, I'm almost done. What's left can be done in bits and pieces, and even with Penguin along, if necessary. (I still have to do most of my weekly home blessing though, since I wasn't here to do it as usual today...)

I've not ever been much of one to have most of my Christmas shopping done before December (Wow, dang! I can't believe it myself!), except for last year. That's when we went back to MN for Thanksgiving & not Christmas, so I wanted as much done as possible so I could just drop off all of the presents for our extended families then & not have to worry about shipping stuff.

I've still got to write Christmas cards, and decorate, and wrap everything, and do the remaining shopping, but having most of the presents already purchased is huge. Now, if I can just keep up enough forward momentum, and not slack off 'cuz I think I'm practically done, I can spend December enjoying the Christmas preparations, not stressing over them.

I highly recommend it. :)


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I am so impressed and more than a little jealous. My Dad's birthday is this weekend and I have no idea what I'm getting him much less what I am doing about Christmas shopping.