Monday, November 26, 2007

And you think YOUR basement is messy

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You'll have to forgive me. I had all these ideas for what to write about, but now that I've sat down to write, they're just gone. Phooey. And we made a special trip out to the library so I can finish out NaBloPoMo in style. Just gotta make it through Friday! (Well, that and I had to return and/or renew a bunch of stuff & couldn't do it online from home since there's still no "on-line" there yet.)

Thanks to those who let me know how far (or not) they are with their holiday shopping. I feel a bit better to hear I'm not the only one barely started. Also, I started counting through the presents we need to get and I've at least got ideas for a lot of them, and at least one person I'm buying for has an wishlist.

(Handy things, those. I also use mine to store ideas of things I'd like to get for myself, and I like how I can set up present idea lists for others in case I come across good ideas.)

I'm totally wishing that our computer was set up so that I could share some pictures with you of our basement. We're in the midst of what they first said would be a 2-3 day project to replace all the sewer line, but that now looks to be a 4 day project. The basement... well... how to describe it.... It's got HUGE paths of concrete cut out it. It looks like there's not much more than 50% of the concrete left in place between the cut-out for the main line, the one that connects to the toilet, the long one along the wall for the laundry sink, the one for the drain we're putting in near the boiler, and the one to the defunct stand-alone shower dealie drain. (Yeah, don't ask - I don't know what they were thinking.) And these cut-out paths are, oh, say around two feet wide and go down through what turned out to be the 6-8 inch concrete slab to dirt. And then there's the path cut through the to-be-exercise-room. It really looks weird. And messy. Really muddy and messy and crazy. I have to take some pictures when we get home because it's something. (Also, probably, find the camera charger 'cuz it's almost out.)

And outside? Well, the backyard is ALL ripped up thanks to the line they're running out to the city line. They showed up with a much bigger digger than we expected and so took out more of the brick path - and even part of the patio - than we had moved/removed. Mr. Kluges is also a bit crabby about the damage this larger digger did to his limestone path. Also, there's still a huge pile of dirt. Granted - they're not done yet, but it's a good thing we're doing all this before we'd done any landscaping because it'd be toast.

Ok, I should finish up. Both girls are being remarkably quiet with Mr. Kluges across in the kid section of the library, but I don't want to push my luck. Especially since the big one didn't get a nap today and was in tears getting out of the car because she wanted to bring her stuffed bear in and the other one was asleep in the car. Poor things. I'm looking forward to when life slows down a bit for all our sakes!

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