Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saint NoNick? It's got a nice ring to it.

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Just a brief post today. You see, our good friend NoNick, out of the sheer kindness of his heart and generosity of spirit, has driven all this way to come down and help us move for the weekend! Yay! So we're planning on a big day of moving big stuff like the couch, large metal desk, etc.

In fact, depending on how things go, it's possible we might even get to moving the beds yet today.... which might mean sleeping at the House of 42 Doors tonight...

(Ok, we probably won't get that much done, but it's within the realm of possibility!)

Ok, gotta run - stuff to pack, things to move, girls to manage and feed and change and everything.

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kittenpie said...

exciting! Say, could you and your helpful relatives come do my third floor, now that you're getting all settled? (Okay, I joke, it just sounds like you people actually, you know, MAKE PROGRESS and stuff!)