Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Penguin's Turn

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I'm blogging from home! I'm blogging from home!

Yup, Mr. Kluges got our internet up and running last night. It's not in its final configuration - I currently have to unplug the phone (which is sitting on the maid stairs), plug the phone jack into the router on the kitchen counter, and plug that in to power, but still - I've got internet! Woo-hoo!

While funny Pumpkin was the star of yesterday's blog (I forgot one quote I wanted to include: "That bite was too big. It stretched my soggygus out."), I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite things about Penguin.

  • How intently she examines things and people. She gets this little frown and just stares as though she's trying to memorize their every little detail.
  • The way she lifts her eyebrows sometimes when she smiles. It slays me.
  • The way she giggles when I tickle her chubby, chubby thighs or pretend to eat up her tummy.
  • Her funny little rather deep growly voice when she "talks" to us. She makes the oddest sounds and is so thrilled when we mimic them back to her.
  • The fact that she said "Mamamama" as her first sort-of word.
And finally,
  • The way she smiles at me when she first sees me in the morning. It's like I hung the moon, the stars and the sun especially for her. I don't know how she does it, but her face just SHINES with happiness.

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kittenpie said...

You're making my ovaries hurt. Seriously, i'm not really generally a baby person, but you just made me long for those days.