Friday, November 09, 2007

Bad Timing

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Yesterday we were at swimming lessons at the local high school. Apparently it was parent-teacher conferences because the place was parked up like you wouldn't believe. Mr. Kluges ended up dropping us off so that I could get Pumpkin ready in the women's locker room and then meet him by the pool after he parked.

So we got ready and went out to the bleachers by the pool to wait for him. And we waited. And waited. And waited. I started to worry that he'd gotten a page from work (since he's on call this week) and couldn't reach us by cell.

Pumpkin took a couple of the water toys they use during free play out of the crates to play with while we waited. She was scrunched over holding them, saying, "This one's the mommy hippopotamus, and this one's the baby."

When she overbalanced onto her forehead on the hard, hard pool tiles.

Oh, the tears and the screaming and the big ol' lump that immediately made an appearance. And it's just me there with both girls, class is about to start, and Mr. Kluges is nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully Penguin's happily sitting in her soon-to-be-outgrown carseat, watching whatever's going on. I cuddle Pumpkin for a while, class starts, and she calms down.

Mr. Kluges still isn't there.

Pumpkin and I go to the edge of the pool so she can at least dangle her feet. We play with a boat.

Eventually Mr. Kluges arrives. He'd had to park a few blocks away... and then all the doors were locked. Pumpkin gets to join in with the rest of swimming lessons and has a great time after all.

But you know what I had planned for today, don't you?

You know, pre-lump-on-the-noggin and bruise-on-the-cheekbone?

Yup. You guessed it. Christmas card photos.

P.S. Still wondering about that Spanish shield? It's reposted again...


Allknowingjen said...

Well of course you had pictures planned! It's some kind of universal law...
I am laughing at that sheild- someone is delusional...

kittenpie said...

Killing myself laughing here. Can you cut bangs to cover it, maybe?

DiploWhat said...

Ah fate - such a fickle thing.

Happy Veggie said...

Man, those kids have timing. She will cut her hair with a friend right before school pictures at some point. That is another requirement of childhood.