Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Carseat Culture?

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Wednesdays are our busy day with "Teacher & Me" class followed by a visit to the library and belly dance class for me tonight. Plus it's been so cold and windy that we haven't walked to the grocery store the last two days, so since we have the car today, we'll be doing that, too. So I figured I'd better post early today.

Last weekend we bought a combination front-facing car seat/ later a backless booster seat for Pumpkin. That way we can move her to that and put our growing Penguin in Pumpkin's old rearward/forward-facing seat instead of the kind you can take out of the car and carry her around in. So yesterday I took off the seat cushions and pads to wash them at the laundromat.

While doing so I found a disgusting lot of crud.

A (probably partial) list of things I pulled out of the cracks and crevices of Pumpkin's car seat, or that fell out when I turned it upside down and shook it a lot:

bits of granola and/or cereal bar
a creased, wrinkled up sticker
needles from the spruce twig that she adopted and named "Kinny"*
cracker bits
soy nuts
ends of ripped open packages
chex mix bits

So yeah, maybe I should make a habit of washing the seat cushions more often, especially if I let 'em eat in the car, huh? Ew.

*No, I am not kidding about that one. Ask Mr. Kluges if you don't believe me.


Happy Veggie said...

Kinny kills me.
Isn't it frustrating to give up the bucket type seat right when its getting cold? We gave ours up this summer, but after putting the Sprout in her fleece suit thing a couple of cold days in a row, I sure miss it.

Mary Beth said...

I love the spruce twig "Kinny" that she adopted

Mr. Kluges said...

When we cut down one of the spruces in the front yard, there was a six inch branch that they didn't clean up. Pumpkin came over to me outside and asked for a home for her pet hamster Kinny. Then she showed me this spruce branch. So we found a jar and filled it with dirt. For almost two weeks Kinny was her pet hamster that she took around with her. The funniest part was when she found a much larger branch that had several offshoots. She brought that to me and said, "Let's find a home for Kinny's brothers and sisters!"

Allknowingjen said...

LOL at Kinny- that is so funny! Especially that he was a hampster. hee hee.

And boy does this remind me that I need to clean out my car... it is disgusting back there...

MaryP said...

My son, then about three, once kept himself entertained for an entire 12-hour car tip (in one day; my then husband was an inhuman driving machine) -- anyway, for the entire trip, playing with the end of the seatbelt that tethered his car seat. He called it his "happy".

Who knows? But at least it kept him ... happy.

And then there was the time my eldest (also about three) was heard to be squabbling in the back seat. She was alone at the time, so this caused some parental curiosity. I turn around, and she has two pieces of her own hair, one from each side of her head in her chubby fists.

Seems her hair was having trouble getting along...

Aren't they hysterical??