Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pumpkin Quotes

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Not much time again today as I'm blogging from the library, but this time I left the rest of the family at home. Still need to keep it brief as we've got to run over to the rental yet tonight for baths and showers. At least this is the LAST TIME! Mr. Kluges got the tub caulked tonight, so we should be good to use it as of tomorrow. Hooray! Now, once he gets phone/internet up, we won't have to run around like crazy chickens every evening. Not to denigrate Mr. Kluges at all - he's been trying to coordinate and manage all the electrical and plumbing/sewer stuff that's been going on at the house, plus put things away, plus actually do his job, plus, oh, help out with parenting our two girls.

I've been trying to keep track of some of the funny things Pumpkin has been saying lately, and I think it's time to do a brain dump 'cuz I just can't keep so many things in my head anymore these days. So here you go:

Oh no! Grabbity pulled down my tent!
Mmmm! Asparagus!

(Followed by grabbing an asparagus spear off Mommy's plate. How many 3 year olds like asparagus?)

The bacteardium in my stomach are eatin' it all up!

And my favorite, courtesy of an extra-long shirt she was wearing...

Aaah! Where's my butt?!


Pusher said...

She is so smart! (And funny!)

kittenpie said...

The one about gravity just made me snort. Good thing I'm not drinking in the library... (and hey - I'm READING blogs in the library. hmmm.)

Happy Veggie said...

Ah... only children and people in my family that make it to 60 question where there butt went... That one is my favorite.