Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A busy, brrr-y day that went by in a blur

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This is why I'm not posting until less than 3 hours to the deadline for today...
Today I...
  • got up, got myself, and both girls ready (with some appreciated help from Mr. Kluges).
  • brought Mr. Kluges to work.
  • drove to the brick house and dropped off stuff.
  • drove to the auto mechanics a few blocks away & dropped off car to get coolant leak fixed.*
  • packed girls into the double stroller and walked back to the brick house. (brrr!)
  • did usual feeding, changing, bringing to potty, playing with**, etc. girls while staying out of the way of the electrician, who was working mostly in the kitchen.
  • sorted what ended up to be 9 loads of laundry.
  • loaded up girls in stroller and walked to downtown area for lunch and to get out of the house.
  • stopped at bank for cash but no ATM.
  • stopped at next bank a few blocks down. Their ATM was "temporarily out of service."
  • asked the nice tellers location of nearest ATM.
  • walked several more blocks to gas station with ATM.
  • went to restaurant next door to gas station for lunch. (Yay for the treat of eating out! Double yay for Pumpkin and Penguin who were exceptionally well behaved.)
  • on walk back home, stopped by local library - checked out books, puzzles, DVDs.
  • got call from Mr. Kluges that car was done.
  • walked to auto mechanics, paid them, loaded up girls and stroller.
  • drove back to brick house.
  • loaded up laundry***, portable DVD player, toys, etc. from house. Chatted briefly with electrician.
  • went to Once Upon a Child to get more pants for Pumpkin's lengthening legs, plus a few things for Penguin.
  • found high chair there. Told them I wanted it, remembered back of Blazer full with double stroller & multiple bags of laundry. Paid for it, put it on hold, must remember to pick up this week.
  • got call from Mr. Kluges while at OUaC requesting asap pickup from work as he was not feeling well.
  • loaded up by-now-a-bit-overtired girls. Drove fussy girls to Mr. Kluges's work, picked him up, brought poor draggy Mr. Kluges and two now-sleeping girls home.
  • managed stuff while Mr. Kluges showered & had nap.
  • went to laundromat, put clothes in washers.
  • came home, nursed Penguin.
  • went back to laundromat, sorted clothes into dryers, did some folding and hanging of clothes, came home.
  • assisted with bathing and bedtime routine for Pumpkin, took care of fussy, fussy, hungry, sleepy Penguin.
  • tidied up a bit, chose girls' clothes for early, busy day tomorrow (Teacher & Me class in a.m.), hung up clothes that need air drying, eventually got Penguin to sleep.
  • realized hadn't posted yet today! Popped open Woodpecker cider, sat down at computer, realized how glad I am that every day isn't as busy as today was! (Also realized I missed supper with the running to the laundromat... need to take care of that next!)
And that is/was my day so far. Now I just have to fold laundry that will otherwise wrinkle beyond hope (i.e. basically everything but underwear, socks, and washcloths), get our post-class snack bag ready for tomorrow, prep the coffeemaker, have supper, thank Mr. Kluges for cleaning up the kitchen while I wrote this... and eventually go to bed!
Good night!

* Yeah, we'd noticed it this weekend. Big enough leak that we brought it in asap. Figured it might be pump, hoped it'd be less expensive hoses or something. Ended up being something with the radiator. Now we have a new radiator.

**Including Elefun. A great jump around and shriek game, even if you jump around and shriek so much you don't catch any butterflies. At least that's the apparent review from our three-year-old. Also, watching people play Elefun is good entertainment for a 6 month old.

***Except for one bag that I forgot upstairs. Guess I'll be doing more laundry soon because that had the load of jeans (necessary) and colored towels (definite mold potential).

P.S. Not to imply that others aren't equally or more busy, it's just that we're not usually so busy in one day!

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kittenpie said...

It's tiring just reading about that day. whew! And your library checks out puzzles? Do they tend to have all the pieces? I am curious about this.