Monday, November 19, 2007

Yeah, more about the move

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Whew. I'm exhausted. Not that I'm not sleeping well at the new house, but I'd forgotten how much moving totally sucks the life out of a person! There are boxes and furniture and bags of (clean, 'cuz I hit the laundromat yesterday) laundry and suitcases of miscellaneous stuff EVERYWHERE. Mostly right where I'm trying to walk. And today my two girls could have been renamed "I'm NOT taking a NAP!" and "You can't put me down, Mommy!" so that was a bit of a trial as well.

But we are in. Still coming back here to the rental for baths and showers in the evening. Mr. Kluges should be able to grout later tonight and then clean off the excess in the morning, so by the time we get back from Turkey Day, we should done with that and the bath should be usable. And Mr. Kluges spent most of the day gathering up the last of our stuff here and emptying out the rental. He's got practically everything out, and should be able to get the rest of it easily tomorrow - except for the vacuum and cleaning stuff, and rocking chair and diaper stuff, and a bit of stuff in the kitchen so that when I'm here cleaning with the girls next week I've got those things.

I was working on putting things away in the kitchen cupboards. I'll have to take a picture of the way they're adjustable 'cuz it's hard to describe, but I've roundly cursed whoever it was that painted them in. However, I can be a determined So-and-so (stubborn, some say), and between a hammer and a utility knife over the past two days, I've freed the pieces and adjusted the darn things. So there.

Let's see - other business while I'm thinking of it and have a moment...
AKJ - every room has lights that work, but there are some places where we need to get and/or rewire lights to go in to either replace lights that are there or to go in spots where the electrician just has boxes in the wall right now. Also, most but not all outlets work. The worst part is that he hasn't done anything on the second floor yet, so we can't put all the furniture where it's supposed to go yet.
Kittenpie - the local library does check out puzzles. Either the wooden base (like for the younger kids' puzzles with the wooden pieces with handles, you know?) or the laminated top of the box is on the shelf with a number written on it. You take the base or laminated top to the check out and they give you the bag with the pieces for it. Each piece has the puzzle's number on it, and the bag (it's like the kind for book/tape sets) has the identification number and the number of pieces on it. This was our first time checking them out, but it seems good. Of course, sometimes you can't tell what the puzzle with just the wooden base until you get the pieces.

Ok, going to go do a quick breeze-through to check on your-all's blogs. If this wasn't NaBloPoMo, I totally would have skipped writing today, but I've got quantity, if not quality today anyway!


kittenpie said...

Oh, interesting. I am just wondering, from a practical standpoint, how this works in terms of getting all the pieces back and making sure they're there. Did you find any missing?

And I have become adept at chipping away paint with a hammer and screwdriver myself, to free the hinges of our old doors that we are moving. Fun stuff.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

All pieces there this first time anyway!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

All pieces there this first time anyway!