Monday, November 12, 2007

The Final Countdown!

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We've given notice that we're moving out of our current rental house as of the end of the month. Yeah, moving's a lot of work, but I won't mind being out of this place with its tough, could-hold-up-to-a-daycare, not-soft-at-all industrial carpet, its rumbling plumbing, and its "Frogger" view out across a service road, a two-lanes-each-way major road, and a big parking lot. Granted, I will miss being able to walk over to the grocery store, but this'll just move getting a car up in the priorities list.

(By the by, know anybody wanting to sell a car for reasonable?)

(And we're hoping the electric and sewer work will be done by then... but there's a chance that one or the other will still be finishing up.)

So working backwards, that means we need to have the place empty and cleaned by the 30th. Which is a Friday.

Ok, so then the "big move and get the house empty" can be the weekend before, with cleaning happening on the evenings.

Oh wait... that's Thanksgiving weekend. We'll be in MN, spending time with family.

In fact, we're leaving WI on Wednesday the 21st (Grampa Pharoah's birthday!) in order to be able to spend 1 full and two half-days with each side of the family.

So... that means we've got to get beds and big things over by the 20th. That way we can bring Grampa Pharoah's trailer, which has been on very long term loan, back to MN when we go.

However, the 20th? Is in 8 days.

8 D.A.Y.S.

Oy vey, have I got a lot of packing to do!!!

Who's got time to chat with you folks?! I'm off! There are boxes calling my name!

(At least Mr. Kluges has saved up a bit of vacay, and can take off the 19th, 20th, & 21st, but still! Argh!)


DiploWhat said...


Syl said...

Egad woman, how many times have you had to put up the moving ticker here? I wish I could come help you!

Pusher said...

Holy redacted! Eight days?!

Not that I have any doubt that you'll manage it with flying colors. You're awesome like that. Still ... I don't envy you the next week!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Ah, it'll get done... somehow.

And all the big stuff has to be over by the 20th. If we've got a few more boxes and totes to bring back during the week, it's doable. Plus we'll be cleaning after Thanksgiving as well, so it's not like everything has to be totally totally done by the 20th.

But yeah, it's going to be busy.

ShoNuff said...

Regarding cars, I don't know any but Pusher and I have both had good luck with CarSoup ...They do have a bargains area too.