Monday, November 05, 2007

Maybe I can sell my "ancient Egyptian Tupperware (TM)" for even more...

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Somebody on Craig's List is trying to sell this "Very Old Spanish Shield" for $1600.

Here's the posted description:

Very old, but in great shape. The Spanish Shield, found in the attic of a house buildt in the 1800's. Solid wood frame, some solid metal and plastic accents. Really nice addition for someone who collects old items. This item is very unique $1600.00 OBO

So, are Mr. Kluges and I the only ones who think that the "plastic accents" might maybe imply that this shield is neither an antique nor worth $1600.00?

Edited on 11/6:
FYI, they've reposted it. Here's the new description/offer:
Full solid wood frame, red velvet face, solid metal and plastic accents.

Great addition to anyones collection and has been in my family for 2 generations!

Check out the picture!!

$1300.00 CASH ONLY!! or will trade for 1994 Jeep Cherokee must be in running condition.


ShoNuff said...

Well it's gone down to $1300. So now I've got to have it:)

The thing saying it's approximately 130 years old is where I have the problem. At this point things from the 70s can be called "antiques" so plastic can be on antiques...just not ones you'd want.

Pusher said...

Ha! Awesome. "It was found in an old house, therefore it must be an antique!" (All evidence to the contrary.) That's hilarious.

kittenpie said...

Hey, my house is old... My stuff must be totally valuable, right?