Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Things I miss about living in Ireland (in no particular order)

(But more may be added later as I think of them)
  • our friends, especially Pumpkin's best buddy A.
  • the bacon
  • seeing stone ruins just everywhere
  • being an exotic vacation get-away for friends and family
  • living within walking distance to Blarney Castle
  • the cozy pubs
  • the smell of peat
  • the many, many rainbows
  • not shoveling snow
  • Clonakilty black pudding
  • the green
  • the fabulous and fun St. Patrick's Day parade in Cork
  • being able to walk to the store and/or library and/or butcher's pretty much any day
  • visiting all kinds of castles and such
  • the English Market in Cork with its wonderful cheeses and olives
  • watching Dora the Explorer in Irish (Yay for TG4!) (That'd be "tee gee cah-her" to you.)

P.S. Thanks, TNGreatAunt for the matching shirts and other St. Paddy's Day stuff!


Mary Beth said...

I would like hair the color of Pumpkin's please!

Cinj said...


Seriously, our hair can't seem to grow much longer than shoulder length around here no matter how hard we try!

I've been thinking about making some t-shirts that say "Kiss, me, I'm NOT Irish". Hmm, I guess that's not very original though, is it?

nonick said...

You didn't mention the beer and cider. Oh, now I miss Ireland, too - and I was only there for two weeks!

kittenpie said...

Wait, the bacon? What's different about the bacon>?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, the bacon is a different cut - I've seen something similar here in WI called "cottage bacon." It's more meat and less fat; our bacon here is called "streaky bacon" there. It's almost like a cross between ham and bacon... Yum!