Thursday, March 20, 2008

To do before leaving tomorrow morning for 5 days away

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  • Put the clothes I've chosen for Penguin and Pumpkin in a suitcase
  • Finish choosing and packing my clothes
  • in the am, pack the frig snacks
  • pack the pack-n-play
  • finish charging the DVD for the car
  • choose DVDs and CDs and pack them
  • finish choosing toys for the car and pack them
  • go to swimming lessons
  • refinance for a lower rate (that's this afternoon)
  • take out the garbages 'cuz I don't want fermenting diapers in the house. Peee-eeeew!
  • put away dishes
  • wash dishes & put them away
  • make sure I've got the Easter baskets & stuff.. adn that they stay hidden
  • make sure we've got refills for the pottette (travel potty, just in case)
  • pack up the diaper stuff for Penguin
  • load up teh car so I know where everything is and I can reach what I need while we're moving
  • remember things like phones, chargers, a book, etc.
  • not go crazy


Cinj said...

Sounds like you've got plenty to do to get ready for your trip. I hope it's a lot of fun! Why is it the men folk can never help prepare for a trip?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, Mr. Kluges is great for helping. He's been doing the dishes, vacuuming, putting away the dishes, providing supporting opinions when I ask him about Sunday church clothes choices, etc., etc., etc. But since I'm the one around during the day, I get some of the extra tasks like packing for the girls and the trip and all. I don't mind; it just always takes more time than I expect.

Cinj said...

My hubby used to be a bit more helpful. I know what you mean about having more time and all, but when I'm supposed to pack for Cheesehead too I get a bit sensitive.

It's not even that I mind helping him out, just the fact that everyone always gets mad at me if I forget something.

I think my family is getting old enough to make sure that certain things they consider "essential" get packed. I guess you don't have that luxury yet. Just wait!