Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tons of Tights

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We were the very fortunate recipients of another package from TNGreatAunt yesterday, but the day was busy, so I waited and we opened it today. Along with a lot of fun Easter stuff and other goodies, there were tights. Lots and lots of tights for Pumpkin. Which is great, because it's hard to find cute, thick-ish tights that don't cost an arm and, well, a leg. And since our old house is definitely NOT energy-efficient or well-insulated, we keep the heat lowish, so it's nice to have tights for layering under pants, too, in cool weather.

Now, I can't say for sure if I'm going to get them all, because they're either washed and put away already (and Pumpkin's asleep) or else I think I've got a few pairs still in the dryer, but here's my list for today:
  • plain black
  • black with blue flowers
  • blue with a snowflake and stripes
  • blue with multicolor dots
  • brown with multicolor dots
  • white with snowflakes
  • white with small pink dots (in small and large sizes so Penguin can match her big sister!)
  • white with small pink and green dots
  • pink with darker pink flowers
  • bright multicolor stripes
  • lavender with three hearts
  • purple zebra stripes
  • black and pink stripes with flowers
Yay, tights!

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kittenpie said...

HOly Hannah, that's a lot of tights! We pretty much have pink and white and rainbow. And I also have a couple of pairs of leggings for use as tights, as I find them more comfy. Not sure where Pumpkinpie stands, since sometimes she goes with that theory and sometimes not.