Monday, March 31, 2008

The Weekend, in list format

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In honor of the end of March, and the list-writing challenge that I did for a while, here are a few to finish us out for the 31st.

New Foods Penguin has Eaten in the Past 2 Weeks

Verses Pumpkin has Made up to "Down by the Bay"
Did you ever see...
  • a moose eating a duck?
  • a [Penguin] eating a rhinoceros?
  • a potty people eating a Kiki? (Yeah, I don't know what a "potty people" is either, but Kiki's her favorite stuffed bear.)
(Yeah, she doesn't really get the rhyming thing... just that they're supposed to be funny and odd.)

Yummies to which we introduced Sewing Bee (formerly Turtle) and Mr. Turtle (Pumpkin's godparents and Mr. Kluges's best man)

Yummies to which Sewing Bee and Mr. Turtle introduced us

Ways in Which Baby Boy Turtle (age 5 months) Resembles a Little Old Man

  • the shape of his face
  • his very, very, very light colored and scant hair
  • He's toothless
  • ...and incontinent.

Ways in Which Pumpkin and Little Girl Turtle (4 months her elder) had to be THE SAME

  • wearing matching sweatshirts to the local children's museum
  • when I loosely braided Pumpkin's hair before bedtime, LGT needed a sleeping braid put in her much, much shorter hair, too.
  • had to have coordinating plates, cups, silverware and bunny crazy straws (LGT's set was purple, Pumpkin's was pink.)
  • matching footie pjs
  • apparent mentality sometimes, aka "You're playing with that toy? Well then, I need it, too!"
  • To their parents' amazement and joy, both took naps Sunday afternoon, at the same time the two babies did... so we grown-ups played us some Settlers of Catan

So a fun time was had by all, and we were thrilled they came out to visit. Hooray!


kittenpie said...

Sounds like a great visit - and can I eat those yummies, too? will you send me some?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Heck yeah. And all the ones on our list are even pregnancy-safe! :)

Mary Beth said...

Hope this isn't a repeat - don't think my comment took last time.

Hadn't you heard that bacon is a vegetable? especially on salads? Which means that all the bad stuff (calories, cholesterol, etc.) don't count. Also, beer is a vegetable (hops). So enjoy:)