Thursday, March 13, 2008


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Some days lately, I've felt rather "treadmill-y." Like all I do is an endless round of diaper changes, food planning, food prep, laundry, tidying, cleaning, child chasing and trying to put stuff away. Over and over and over again with little if any forward progress (and occasional bouts of backward anti-progress!).

So today my list is some things I actually got accomplished today and this past week, in ADDITION to the treadmill of general household and child management. Because even if they're little steps sometimes, I gotta celebrate forward momentum!
  • Sorted the Shutterfly order I received last week
  • Finished 5 (FIVE!) thank yous from Christmas, with the pictures to include
  • Got them mailed off from the post office (extra weight and all, you know)
  • Made bread a few times (on my to-do list: post my review of "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" because it rocks. Thanks, Gramma Yori!)
  • Today I made croutons for our salad for this evening with some of that homemade bread. (easy, yummy, and I don't have to remember to keep croutons on hand)
  • Prepped one swimming lessons bag; still need to do the other for tonight
  • Took a picture of Penguin on the fancy new quilted baby blanket we received yesterday from our former neighbor
  • Helped shovel off the concrete slab in the corner between the office and the sunroom outside so it doesn't melt into the basement (In fact, I did pretty much all of it and just left some tough ice for Mr. Kluges to take care of. Go, me!)
  • Hung up the Easter egg decorations Pumpkin and I have made over the last week and a half.
  • Called the local school district about the 4 year old preschool option they do here
  • Called the video place because they'd left a message we had an overdue video but we hadn't rented any since December. Turns out it was the person who had our old number, so that's cleared up.

Oh, hmm... it now smells like I need to go take care of a "treadmill" activity. Come here, stinky Penguin!

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