Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Places I've Lived

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To the best of my recollection, here are ALL the places I've called "home."

  1. Evansville, WI (Thanks, Mom, for the emailed correction!)
  2. The farmhouse we rented from my uncle, near my hometown
  3. The farmhouse we bought from my paternal grandparents, near my hometown
  4. "I" residence hall, 3-A
  5. "I" residence hall, 3-B
  6. little apartment near the railroad tracks, Benson
  7. "I" residence hall, 4-A
  8. "P" residence hall, RD apt.
  9. "P" residence hall, first floor
  10. Upper Hutt, New Zealand
  11. little blue house, college town
  12. "garden view" apt., GV, TC
  13. back to my parents, but then they moved out (for a job in my hometown)
  14. back to "garden view" apt.
  15. footloose and fancy-free (aka no permanent address) around Ireland and Europe, but spending several many weeks near Kilkenny
  16. apartment at the edge of St. Paul
  17. our own first home!, R, TC
  18. two weeks in an apartment, Cork City
  19. rental house in Blarney
  20. 6 weeks in furnished rental apartment, FV
  21. months in "Frogger" view rental house
  22. House of 42 Doors

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