Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Messy Mantle Mutterings

(c) 2008 Ms. Huis Herself at musenmutter.blogspot.com

You know how some flat surfaces, like, say the dining room table, tend to collect STUFF? You know, the mail or something you need handy but want out of the reach of children and/or pets? Well, my list for today is

Things on the Fireplace Mantle
(that make it look messy)
  1. Pumpkin's frog bank
  2. Penguin's medicine
  3. the regular video camera
  4. 2 Valentine's Day cards
  5. a small double picture frame that is supposed to be at Mr. Kluges's work but desperately needs new pictures
  6. a framed certificate of achievement that's mine that my mom brought last time she visited (not like on display - it's just sitting there flat, waiting to find a real home)
  7. the pictures of Pumpkin's baptism she brought along, too
  8. a Christmas card with money in it (yay!)
  9. a receipt from Kohl's
  10. a chunk of peat in a baggie
  11. a letter (as in mail, not an alphabet toy)
  12. a ruler
  13. a red ornament dealie
  14. a green zipper pull from a sleeping bag that needs reattachment
  15. some double-stick tape
  16. a circular bee sticker off a Burt's Bees baby powder
  17. a framed picture of Pumpkin (laying flat) that also needs updating and is also from Mr. Kluges's work desk
  18. the mantle clock (Yes! Something that's actually supposed to be there!)
  19. two sage green sort-of-pyramidal candles (sort of supposed to be there - I'm not sure if I like them there yet or not)
  20. a single very small bootie that is now intended for the dolls
  21. an empty baggie
Yeah, so now I'm going to go try to tidy away at least a few of those things 'cuz it looks like crap! *sigh* Another day, more tidying.


Mary Beth said...

Your mantle must be cousin to my mantle - at least your fairy godfather (who finds money for you) has visited:)

Syl said...

Why do you have a baggie of peat?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

The real question is - why DON'T you have a baggie of peat?

No, really, Mr. Kluges got it for Christmas - see here.