Monday, March 03, 2008

Green chases away the blues.

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After posting this picture on Friday, I thought, "Hmmm, I need to shovel, but I guess those footprints up to the front door do help show how deep the snow is. Wait. [Mr. Kluges] uses the back door in the mornings. That means the footsteps were probably from the MAIL MAN! And that means A PACKAGE!!!! Probably/hopefully from [TNGreatAunt]!"

And I went and looked. And lo and behold there WAS a package tucked up right beside the door. And it WAS from TNGreatAunt. And we opened it, and it was good, and I was happy.

Since it was a fun St. Patrick's Day package (along with some welcome cozy clothes for the girls to help us get through this (hopefully last) cold spell), my list for today is...

Green Things that came in TNGreatAunt's Wonderful and Welcome Package
  • St. Patrick's Day window clings that were put up within 5 minutes of opening the box
  • matching "Kiss Me, I'm American" shirts for the girls
  • a (I'm pretty sure cross-stitched by TNGreatAunt herself) onesie for Penguin that says "Made in Ireland"
  • a light green and white sweater for Penguin
  • dark green sweatpants for Penguin
  • a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" bib
  • glittery, clover-shaped sunglasses for Pumpkin
  • St. Patrick's Day temporary tattoos, two of which are already adorning Pumpkin
  • several pairs of socks, including some green and purple argyle ones and some green and rainbow-y "Irish Girl" ones
  • a t-shirt for Pumpkin that says "The Leprechauns Made Me Do It!"
In addition, the box they came in was green and white, with St. Paddy's Day stickers all over it. Good fun!

So, thanks, TNGreatAunt! Your present was just the day-brightener we needed on a snowy day, the clothes are wonderful and look to fit very well (or maybe a tad big on a couple, but that's much better than too small), Pumpkin had a blast finding all the St. Patrick's Day stuff, Penguin loved ripping open her wrapped presents, and I'm looking forward to using my bath salts one day! Also, you helped me with a topic for one of my March list posts! Hooray and thank you!


Anonymous said...

the Leprechauns made me do it

Pusher said...

The "Made in Ireland" onesie made me laugh out loud. Way to go TNGreatAunt!

kittenpie said...

What enormous fun! I need one of those aunties, too, I think. My mom's packages are always just weird.