Sunday, March 02, 2008

Late to the List Party

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I was over at AllKnowingJen's Bus of Love, and saw that she was pimping, uh, promoting the whole March list posting dealie at NaBloPoMo. So I figured I'd play, too, because it sounds like fun and all.

So here are 6 reasons I didn't begin on March 1st:
  1. I didn't know about it.
  2. Penguin's sick, and has been since about Tuesday, which means a very, very long night, and a tired me, especially since the long nights have been cumulative in impact.
  3. I finally placed a Shutterfly order that includes pictures from Christmas... that were supposed to be included in the Christmas Thank Yous I haven't finished yet. Hmm, maybe I'll do a "To Do" list one of these days in March.
  4. I was just impressed with myself for remembering to change the Quote of the Month at the bottom of Recipeeps4Us.
  5. I was apparently not, however, remembering that I also need to change my goal at the bottom of this blog.
  6. We were enjoying showing Mr. Kluges all the cool stuff that came in our lastest package from TNGreatAunt and all the cool clothes and St. Paddy's Day gear.
Ok, I'm calling 6 enough of a list to start, especially since it sounds like Mr. Kluges might need a hand with Penguin. More list action tomorrow! And yeah, if you've got a good idea for a list, lemme know!!!

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